Photo Café Q & A

Photo Café Q & A

Got questions? Get your questions answered! Meetings will be a ‘give and take’ in a relaxed atmosphere designed to answer any questions you may have regarding photography. This will not be a presentation type meeting but meetings will focus on specific subjects.

The first meeting will be this Wednesday, Feb. 24th at 11am and will cover any questions you may have regarding Lightroom and Photoshop. We will do small group breakout sessions within the meeting if needed. Time permitting we may be able answer other questions you have regarding photography as well.

We plan to have weekly meetings as long as you all have an interest. Each meeting will focus on specific themes, such as ‘Getting to Know your camera’, ‘Photo Composition’,  Resizing Your Photos, and more. Your suggestions are welcome. In time we may also have evening meetings to meet the needs of club members.

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