May 2023

May 2023

Part 1: (free) Tuesday, May 9 @ 7:00 PM

In-Person at Hope Church Hall

Part 2: (not free) Saturday, May 13 @ 1:00 PM

$15.00 NoHCC Members
$30.00 Non Members
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Field Trip

In-Person on location (see below for details)

Portrait Lighting Spectacular!

SUMMARY: This field trip/workshop is in two parts: (PART 1) a live in-person workshop presentation at Hope Church Hall on Tuesday May 9 at 7:00 pm, and (PART 2) a practical field trip a.k.a. portrait shoot based on the presentation (for 24 people) on Saturday May 13 from 1:00 – 4:00 pm at either Gillette Castle or Hope Church Hall – depending on weather – where we will have 6 portrait stations with 6 models dressed in various colors.

PART 1: Come and join your fellow photographers, live and in-person, for a fun evening of learning how flash can make your subjects pop and really enhance your images! Many people are not comfortable using flash and prefer to just use available (ambient) light. Let’s try something new and see the difference between the results!

We will also learn different types of lighting techniques, learn some techniques for posing your subjects to get the best lighting on their faces AND how to get the best side of their face facing the camera. We will also talk about posing groups to make all look good. These techniques will bring your images from a vacation/snapshot type photo to a more professional looking image.

We will be demonstrating various types of lighting with different types of accessories (e.g. gels, Foam Core Board, MagMod accessories, Mag Box, Soft Boxes, Reflectors, Umbrellas). You’ll be able to see the results of Laura’s presentation as she will shoot tethered, projecting her shots to the large projector screen:

  1. Use of reflectors (bounced light) to fill in the shadows in faces
  2. Pop-up or on-camera flash
  3. Continuous light to replicate using harsh sun
  4. Replicating a golden sunset using a rim light (aka hair light) behind the subject. We will be using a CTO Gel (Color Temperature Orange)
  5. Replicating “blue hour” with a CTB Gel (Color Temperature Blue) on the flash
  6. Off-Camera flash – radio-controlled flash off to the side at either 60 or 90 degrees

PART 2: this is your opportunity to apply what was learned on Tuesday! Saturday’s field trip shoot/workshop is based on the Tuesday presentation, so field trippers must have attended on Tuesday as we will jump right into applying what was presented that evening. (on Saturday we will NOT be going over the presentation heard on Tuesday)

The fee for the Saturday workshop is $15 per person for Members of NoHCC.

Login into the website and use the PayPal button on the events page to purchase your slot. May also purchase in-person Tuesday night if there are spots remaining). We will have 6 stations with models, and attendees will be broken into groups of 4 people. We will be rotating the groups between the stations so everyone will have the same amount of time photographing each of the 6 models.

We have worked hard to create a memorable field trip/workshop for our members! We hope to see you Tuesday May 9 and Saturday May 13.

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