10/27/20 John Slonina: Enhance your Landscape Photography

10/27/20 John Slonina: Enhance your Landscape Photography

October 27th @ 7PM
John Slonina

Enhance Your Landscape Photography

John will explain how to get great depth of field and compositions in your landscape photos.  He will help you understand the light and how to use it to your advantage and how to shoot in special weather conditions like fog, rainbows and storms. Learn strategies for photographing lakes, rivers and oceans.

His presentation will cover which equipment to buy or skip and which filters to use and how and when not to use them. There will be a demo on common cell photo apps and software that predict the milky way, sunrise, sunset, tides, and moon rise/set and direction of light.

Members will receive an email with an online meeting link.

If you are interested in viewing this presentation as a guest please email North Haven Camera Club at northhavencameraclub@gmail.com

The North Haven camera club allows a maximum of three guest visits per season.

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