North Haven Camera Club History

North Haven Camera Club History

A Brief History

The North Haven Camera Club was founded in 2011 by Richard Ziemba. The club’s philosophy was simple–a get together of photographers with an emphasis on friendship and fun in a relaxed atmosphere.

Because the club was small in the beginning nearly everyone’s help was needed and almost everyone was on the board to assist Rich. The first board consisted of Rich Ziemba, Scott Jzierney, Dave Rathbun, Darlene Whitmore, Bill Rothfuss, Terry Russo and Joe Whitmore and Max Bailey. The club meetings were held at the North Haven Recreation center.

Although the North Haven Camera Club was new, those members who joined were passionate about all kinds of photography and loved sharing their knowledge with newcomers. New digital cameras were just coming into vogue as well as new ways to edit photos via photoshop and other digital programs. Members were excited to learn as much as possible about the new digital photography world. In the process, members forged friendships, enjoyed a sense of togetherness, and learned from each other. Club members were enthusiastic about sharing their photographic skills and knowlege with their fellow members.

In 2013 Mike Grabowski and Bill Rothfuss stepped into the position of co-presidents and implemented new systems to better communicate with members and facilitate meetings. Due to the growth of the membership the club moved to a larger meeting place at the Hope Church. Club vice president, Laura Parisi also encouraged the club’s association with CAP (Connecticut Association of Photographers), the PSA (Photographic Society of America) and the NECCC (New England Camer Club Council). Associations with these organizations have further advanced the club’s goals of member education.

In 2017, Donna Owens, was elected club president and under her direction many new seminars and events were initiated by the board of directors which further enhanced the knowledge of club members. Again, we found our members were our greatest assest. Many seminars have been presented by our very own members.

The Club Today

Joe Whitmore, assumed the role of president in 2019 and has diligently worked improving the club systems and continued to grow the club. In March, 2020 new challenges faced the club due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The situation necessitated online virtual club meetings and finding innovative ways to continue to support members. Change, especially of this magnitude, is never easy but with the help and enthusiasm of our members we look forward to continue fostering a love of photography and camaraderie to all members well into the future!

Each year has brought us to a different milepost. The club has always fostered workshops, field trips and social time for members to interact and share ideas among each other.

We treasure our diversified membership and continue working to overcome challenges and provide a positive experience for all. Each member brings their own unique photo interest and style. We learn best together and also like to have a little fun along the way. New members are always welcome. The club treasures their knowledge, ideas and diversity!  The club meets the first and third Tuesday of each month. The first meeting is educational and includes guest speakers or hands on workshops. The 2nd meeting is dedicated to member competitions.