Club By Laws

Club By Laws

The Executive Board

The executive board meets as necessary to discuss and implement club activities and processes. Voting members of the board consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Chair, Digital Competition Chair, Print Competition Chair, and a Program Chair. Executive Committee meetings are called by the President or by agreement of three or more members of said committee.

The presence of two-thirds of the members of the Executive Committee consists of a forum for the conducting of business. Any motion of two-thirds affirmative vote of those present is required for passage. A vote for a board issue is also allowed via an email vote with an approval of two-thirds of the board members required for passage of said proposal.

Duties and Responsibilities of Officers

Co-Chairs in any of the voting positions on the executive committee will only have a single combined vote for that chairs position.* A disagreement between co-chairs shall nullify their vote. Persons holding multiple voting chairs have only a single vote regardless of how many chair positions they are responsible for. No board member can have more than one vote.

President: Conducts the club and Executive Committee meetings and administers all club affairs. The club allows a President or Co-President, (for future reference, ‘President’ shall also mean ‘Co-President when applicable).* Co-presidents will represent one shared board vote.

Vice-President: Performs all duties of the President in the event of his/her absence or inability to continue in office. The Vice President oversees all aspects of the monthly competitions to ensure all digital and print competitions are executed as per club guidelines.

Treasurer: Collects all dues, maintains records of all club dues received including income from the clubs 50/50 raffle and any other sources of club income and has custody of all funds, deposits, and funds in the name of the club in such bank where an account in the club’s name exists. The Treasurer signs all checks, drafts, notes, and order of payment money submitted as club expenses and submits a financial statement to the Executive Committee at the end of each club season.

Secretary: The Secretary emails to the club members information and notices as directed by the President. He/she also writes up the minutes of all executive meetings and distributes such to all members upon approval of the President. The secretary is responsible for updating and maintaining the club bylaws.*

**Election to Club Positions

*Beginning in 2014 club elections are to be held bi-annually and board member terms shall be for a period of two years. A nominating committee shall canvas all members in April for those interested in a board or chair position. Elections will be held in May and board members will be installed in June. Outgoing board or chair members will transition their duties to the incumbent members who will take responsibility in September. Should a position become available mid-term all members will be canvassed to fill said position. A special election will be held if two or more members wish to fill the position.

Other Club Bylaws

Committees shall consist of no less than 3 persons and no more than 5 persons. The board may designate the formation a special committee if necessary for a club activity.

Any and all-expenses related to items purchased, rented, leased or services rendered for the benefit of the North Haven Camera Club must be approved by the Finance Committee before any commitments are made. The Treasurer will be a mandatory member of the Finance Committee. Non-approved items will be considered a donation or a loan to the club.

Field Trips
**Field trips, photo walks, and safaris that are not part of the clubs normal meetings will be considered, non-club affiliated outside activities and each participant is responsible for their own expenses, actions and well-being.

Publication of Media
**All media resulting from any club member activities must be reviewed and approved by the executive board before the material is released for any publication. Newspaper articles and photos will be emailed to the Executive Board for publishing approval.

Mutual Respect Policy
The club wishes to foster a spirit of cooperation among all members of the club. It is the clubs policy to respect and include all club members regardless of race, age, gender or sexual orientation. The club values all members as individuals and respects their opinions and contributions. The club expects no less from members. During club meetings or when members are representing the club at external activities each member is expected to conduct themselves in a manner reflective of the club’s policy of mutual respect and cooperation. If there are any concerns due to a disregard of the aforementioned policy it should be brought to the executive boards attention immediately so that remedial action can be taken. Action necessary to resolve the issue will be determined by the board at the time the grievance is presented.

Effective September 1, 2014 the annual membership and dues will commence on September 1st and end on August 31st of the following year. Dues will be set by the executive board for each club term. The fees for member’s dues can be found on the current years membership application. Only members that have fully paid their membership dues may participate in our monthly competitions.

Club Meetings
Regular meetings of the club will be on the first and third Wednesday of each month with the exception of July and August when the club does not met.

Dissolution of Club
In the event of dissolution, the club would follow the guidelines set forth by the State of Connecticut.

* Amended June 26, 2013
** Amended February 24, 2014

Prepared by Darlene Whitmore
Club Secretary