03/02/21 Roman Kurywczak

03/02/21 Roman Kurywczak

Tuesday, March 2 @ 7:00 PM

Photographing The Nighttime Landscape


Join the Zoom meeting at 6:30 for Club Social Time

Come join professional nature photographer, Roman Kurywczak, as he leads you through an educational how-to program designed to open up your eyes to the possibility of photographing landscapes with the star filled sky as a backdrop! The subjects covered will be on necessary equipment as well as camera setting for both the Milky Way and star trails.

Some additional topics covered will be overcoming the challenges of focusing and composing at night and some minor tips on post processing the images. The program will conclude with a segment on “blending images”. Students will leave with a clear understanding of the techniques required and implement them out in the field for themselves. Questions will be encouraged during the entire presentation.

Check out his e-book; A Digital Guide to Photographing the Night Sky which was released in Feb. 2011.

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