Q&A – Photo Shoot Locations

Q&A – Photo Shoot Locations

March 24th @ 7:00 PM
Online meeting.

At this online meeting we hope that members will share their information and tips on favorite places to get that ‘perfect shot’.

It could be a special trail, park, scenic town, waterfall, or nature area. The sky’s the limit. We all have been ‘at home’ and need a break so here is where we can start dreaming of safely ‘getting out there’ and pursuing our love of photography. Because of our current situation, we ask you only to share locations within 2 hours driving distance.

To make this a more enjoyable ‘give and take’ we can break into ‘chat rooms’ if needed to keep discussion groups small. The meeting will be recorded but have a pen and paper handy to write down information too.

If you have questions or would like to attend, please contact: northhavencameraclub@gmail.com

Q&A – Getting To Know Your Camera – 3/10/21

Q&A – Getting To Know Your Camera – 3/10/21

Got questions? Get your questions answered!

Date/Time:  Wednesday, March 10 at 7 pm.

Topic: Getting To Know Your Camera.

Your fellow club members are offering their expertise in various camera types, so bring your questions. Maybe we can stump them!

The only stupid question is the unasked question. Any question you have is valid and worth asking. No matter how simple it may seem. Remember, we were all novices at some point in time. Everyone has varying levels of familiarity with the photography. What might seem basic to you might be very confusing to someone else. Let’s help each other grow!

Meetings will be a ‘give and take’ in a relaxed atmosphere designed to answer any questions you may have regarding photography. This will not be a presentation type meeting but meetings will focus on specific subjects.

Email the North Haven Camera Club to receive the Zoom link.