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Month: January 2021

Club Pin Distribution

Club Pin Distribution

Helen Pappas, Laura Parisi, Bob Parisi, Jill Coulter, Faye Dudek, and Ann Yost embraced the cold to hand out and receive club pins. Photograph by Art Yost, who also received his pin.

On Saturday, January 23, despite the cold and wind, members ventured over to the Hope Christian Church to receive their club pins. In total, 25 club pins were handed out. It was great to see those who braved the brisk weather, and we missed those of you who were unable to join us.

For paid members not able to come yesterday, their pin will be held either until there is a warmer weather get together, or until we can begin meeting in person once again.

Laura brought her vest adorned with many pins. The vest was handed down to her from her father. She has added more pins over the years. There were pins still the the carryall bag that she has not yet added to the vest, including the pin we were there to hand out.

She was kind, and brave enough, given how cold it was, to remove her cold weather layers and model the vest for us.

1/12/21 Hazel Meredith

1/12/21 Hazel Meredith

Creativity with Textures & Composites
by Hazel Meredith
Tuesday, Jan. 12th at 7pm

Note: Assigned Subject for January’s competition is Textures.

Members will receive an email with an online meeting link.

The North Haven camera club allows a maximum of three guest visits per season.